10th April

The Camelia Jazz Band

John Minnion, John Davies,Pete Locke, Sarah Thatcvher, Pete Berry and Clarence Nugent

17th April

The Society Band

Gwyn Lewis, John Scantlebury, Pete Locke, Roy Davies, Steve Davis and Clarence Nugent

24th April

Ron Kings Rhythm Aces

Ron King, Andy Leggett, Pete Mathison, Mike Kennedy and Jane Williams

1st May

Phil Walls Jazz Cardinals

Phil Wall, Paul Munnery,Sarah Thatcher and Steve Davis

8th May

Hot Strings Cafe

Heulwen Thomas, Hywel Maggs, Mike Frost and donnie Joe Sweeney

15th May

Standards Remembered

Vic Partridge banjo.guitar with John Legg reeds, Steve Davis bass and Gary Phillips drums

22nd May

The Dave Smith Quartet

Dave Smith, Dave Wood, Vic Partridge,Steve Davis

29the May

The Preservation Rhythm Kings

Roy Davies & Co.

5th June

Emily's Good Time Gang

12th June

19th June

Moonshine Boulevard

Jeff Matthews, Pete Locke, Ron King, Tudor Thomas and Pete Berry

24th June

John Davies Quintet

Kohn Davies, Paul Munnery, Vic Partridge, Richard West and Roy Cansdale

7th August

The Dave Smith Quartet

Dave Smith, Phil Wall, Vic Partridge and Steve Davis

11th September

From Sweden "The Old Boy Stompers"

Knut Rutenborg tbn, Classe Sterner Sop Sax, Hans Hultman-Boye pno, Boa Carlman Bjo/Voc Tomas Ekström bass and Gwyn Lewis. Our Autumn Special

2nd October

Mike Harries - The Early Years

Tribute to Mike - more details later