12th December


Dave Smith, Dave Wood, Eddie Edwards and Mike Kennedy

19th Decemebr

The Wessex New Orleans Band

John Minnion, John Scantlebury, Pete Locke, Sarah Thatcher, Pete Berry and Clarence Nugent

26th December

Christmas Break

2nd January

Christmas Break

9th January

The Camelia + The Gut Bucket String Band

16th January

Ron King Rhythm Aces

Ron King, Andy Leggett, Pete Mathison, Mike Kennedy and Jane Williams

23rd January

New Orleans Hot Potatoes

John Scantlebury, Paul Munnery, Sarah Thatcher and Spike Kennedy

30th January

Hot Strings Cafe

Heulwen Thomas, Mike Frost, Hwyell Maggs and Donnie Joe Sweeney

6th February

Dave Smith Quartet

Dave, Vic Partridge, Phil Wall and Steve Davis

13th February

Donnie Joe's American swing

20th February

All That Jazz

John Foley and the Boys

27th February

Preservation Rhythm Kings

6th March

Moonshine Boulevard

Ron King,Tudor Thomas,Pete Locke,Jeff Matthews and Peter Berry

13th March

The Keith Little Quartet

Keith Little, Gethin Liddington, Jane Williams and Donnie Joe

20th March

27th March

Steve Graham

5th June

Emily's Good Time Gang