2nd May

The Sandringham Six

Steve Graham (tpt), Paul Munnery (tbn), John Scantlebury (Reeds), Sarah Thatcher (banjo/guitar), Spike Kennedy (bass) and Clarernce Nugent (drums)

9th May

The Panama Jazz Band

16th May

Donnie Joe's American Swing

23rd May

Trombones For Two

Pete Locke, Paul Munnery, Sarah Thatcher, Phil Blandford and Mike Kennedy

30th May

Hot Strings Cafe

Heulwen Thomas, Howel Maggs, John Frost and Donnie Sweemey

6th June

The Johnh Davies Quartet

John Davies, Paul Munnery, Richard West, Vic Partrdge and Mike Gale bass

13th June

The Camelia Jazz Band

20th June

Phil Walls' Jazz Cardinals

27th June

The Dave Smith Quartet

4th July

Gwyn Lewis, East/West Wales all Stars

Gwyn Lewis, John Davies, Pete Locke, Vic Partridge, Pete Berry, Mike Pearce.

25th July

Preservation Rhythm Kings

3rd October

The Dave Smith Quartet

Dave Smith, Dave Wood, Vic Parttridge and Steve Davis

10th October

The Camelia Jazz Band

John Minnion, John Davies, Pete Locke, Sarah Thatcher, Mike Gale and Clarence Nugent

17th October

Emily Bacon's Good Time Gang

24th October

The Society Band

Special Guest - Gwyn Lewis

31st October

Funeral Night