This is the PJS Video Archive to view please click kere Cafe Jazz Cardiff
The Liberty Street Jazz Band One of Cardiff's most popular Jazz Band
The Keith Little Band - Cardiff's Premier Dixieland Jazz Band
Ceri William' - The Ol' Spit & Dribble Jass Band + his trendy NEW Website
Jazz Services UK - Jazz Services is the UK's national organisation for jazz, and their Web site has one of the most exhaustive series of jazz links pages in the world
Some wonderful Links - George Lewis, Ken Colyer, Capt John Handy and loads more
Plymouth Jazz Club - For all that's best in the South of England
Swansea Jazz Land - The Best of jazz in Swansea on a Wednesday evening
Lake Records - Lake Record Catalogue
The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society - It's the big one!
The History of Jazz - very interesting site
The Sandringham Hotel - Cardiff's unique Family run Hotel