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Ron King's
Rhythm Aces

Ron King, Andy Leggett, Pete Mathison, Spike Kennedy and Jane Williams

Society Jazz Band

Gwyn Lewis, John Scantlebury, Pete Locke, Roy Davies, Steve Davis and Mike Pearce

The Camelia
Jazz Band

John Minnion, John Davies, Pete Locke, Sarah Thatcher,Pete Berry and

Steve Graham's
Sandringham Six

Steve Graham, John Scantlebury, Paul Munnery, Sarah Thatcher, Spike Kennedy and Pete Winterhart

John Davies

John Davies, Paul Munnery, Vic Partridge, Richard West and Roy Cansdale

Hot Strings

Helwen Thomas, Hywel Maggs Mike Frost, Donnie Joe Sweeney playing Cherry 31 Jan 2017

Dave Wood

Dave Wood, Paul Munnery, Vic Partridge and Steve Davis playing What a Friend we Have in Jesus 24 Jan 2017

Keith Little Quartet

Keith Little, Gethin Liddington, Donnie Joe Sweeney and Jane Williams

John Scantlebury's
New Orleans Hot Potatoes

John Scantlebury, Paul Munnery,Sarah Thatcher and Roy Cansdale playing Just a Closer Walk

All That

John Foley-Trumpet and leader, John Legg- Saxophone, Will Bott-Clarinet, Gwyn Daniels-Trombone, Steve Davis-Brass Bass, Vic Partridge-Banjo, Gary Philips-Drums.18 April 2017

Keith Little's
Jazz Band

Keith Little (first number) otherwise - Richard West, Ceri Rees-Saxophone, Gethin Liddington-Trumpet, Pete Locke-Trombone,Donny Joe Sweeny-Double Bass, Greg Evans-Drums

and her Gang

Musicians; Liz Bacon -Clarinet, Peter Wright-Trumpet, Jeff Milner-Trombone, Sarah Thatcher-Banjo and Tenor Guitar, Mike Kennady Double Bass, Paul Bacon- Drums.Emily Bacon -Vocals and Piano.


Pete's Pals Celebrating the birthday of Pete Locke. with John Davies, Gwyn Lewis, Steve Davis, Sarah Thatcher, Clarence Nugent and Pianist Mike Denham


Mike Denham and Clarence Nugent

Preservation Rhythm

Roy Davies-Banjo (leader) Stan Stephens-Trombone, Dave Smith-Cornet, Phil Wall-Clarinet, Mike Gale-Double Bass, Clarence Nugent-Drums.playing "Smiles"